Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Fantastic Four: Cotton, Silk, Cashmere, Leather

When you are on the prowl for your next fashion fix, please keep this in mind: Execution is just as important as concept.
As you start re-building your wardrobe don't add items that look cute or are a good idea, but are poorly made. Just like in the grocery store, you need to get into the habit of checking lables. Not to see who the designer is, but to see what fabric the garment is made of.
Avoid at all costs fake fabrics like pleather, polyester, rayon, nylon, and any man-made materials.
Stick to the naturals: Cotton, Silk, Cashmere and Leather.
In this declining economy you may need to stay mindful of your budget, or lack thereof. Remember that there is a difference between cheap and inexpensive.

No one will ever know if the white cotton t-shirt you are wearing in James Pearse or the tissue thin t-shirts from Target, and this is because the material is exactly the same on both.
And when you are looking at a pretty cami and may think that there is no difference between silk and polyester, trust me when I tell you that those of us who know, can spot the difference a mile away.

If you train yourself to recognize good quality and construction in a garment you will be able to step inside a thrift store, Target, TJ Maxx or Marshall and come out with an inexpensive wonder!
Learning to do this will help carry you safely through the economic depression!

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